Roboken (noted “our company” from here) observes the law of personal information,
and conserve in effort about the clients’ personal information based on the next policies.

1. The Purpose of Collecting Personal Information
Our company will maybe collect Personal Information in necessity range for better service and providing information.
Our company decides the purpose of usage of collecting personal information as below and will not use for other purpose entirely.

  • Providing the Service, our company conducts accompanies on business purpose.
  • Answering various business information and inquires and sending materials.
2. Management of Personal Information
Our company will make complete personal information management and is paying best attention to prevent collecting personal information unlawful diversion, falsification, destruction and leakage to outside.
Also, to the traders and organizations, our company opens, provides etc. the personal information is in adequate management, our company make them obligate by contract same as this association.
3. Safety Management Measurement
Our company will manage adequately with keeping precise and new contents inside the range of purpose usage and will effort for preventing outflow.
Also, against hazard of loss, destroy and falsification by cracking from outside,
our company will conduct adequate and reasonable level safety countermeasure in effort to save the personal information.
4. Opening Personal Information
Our company will truly not conducts providing personal information to third person except for next cases.
5. Changing and Deleting Personal Information
Our company will inquire, confirm, modify, delete etc. the personal information if that provider oneself wishes to do it within the reasonable range, corresponding rapidly.
6. Security and Responsibility Restriction
Our company will take through measures in best effore of personal information management, though will not take the responsibility if damaged from cracking by technologically unexpected procedure, falsification, destruction and leakage to outside.
7. Revision and Application
Our company maybe revise the privacy policy over by suitable reconsider in case. For the revise, we will announce on the website our company.
Established on 2014/1/8
Roboken Co., Ltd.