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Company name Roboken Co.,Ltd.
Representative Director 寺田 宗紘(Munehiro Terada)
Tax Accountant Adviser  FISCO Co.,Ltd.
Certified Social Insurance Labor Consultant Adviser   Certified Social Insurance Labor Corporation Guardian
Employee 79 Members (As of 2018/10/1) *Except for Part Time Job Staffs
Capital Stock (Including Capital Reserve) 143,661,500 JPY
Main Customers & Trade Performance Earth Environmental Service Co.,Ltd. , Toyotsu Syscom Corporation, FUJISOFT Group ,HIBIYA COMPUTER SYSTEM CO.,LTD., COMTURE CORPORATION, EXTREME CO.,LTD. , Acronet Co.,Ltd (Titles Omitted & Random Order)
Correspondent Banks MUFG Bank, Ltd., SMBC Group, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Resona Bank, Limited, Tokyo Kiraboshi Financial Group,Inc,Seibu Shinkin Bank, The Sugamo Shinkin Bank, Chiba Bank Ltd., SBI Sumishin Net Bank, Ltd., Rakuten Bank, Ltd. (Titles Omitted & Random Order)
General Temporary Workers Business Notification  Permission Number, Dispatch 13-308746

✫ Vision

Aim for brain type AI that is closer to the human brain.

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⊹Origin of Our Company Name ⊹

We will realize social contribution and maximization of revenue with advanced technology such as AI.
For that purpose, we plan to allocate staff at the right place and strengthen organizational capabilities by introducing a training system.
Also, to create new technologies and put them into practical use, we will work on research and development that is focused on Only One
Greetings from our President.


Aiming the AI that has Love
AI evolves to make people happy.
The place of AI participate activity is expanding rapidly like in the field of Security System which is supported by the Image Recognition and the Voice Recognition, Automatic Control such as Vehicles, Medical System and Nursing Care System.
Also, humans hold a lot of Social Problems which is unsolved yet.
For example, Food Poverty from Bad Weather and Starvation is emerging in Global Scale.
It’s not an Exaggeration of that the AI’s activity space is Infinity for solving them like Weather Forecast by AI, Development of Foods that is tough for disaster by DNA Analyzing.
Also, the day of getting solved the Incomplete Recovery of Diseases sure will be by AI, AI will be contribute to our happiness.
Our Company aims to contribute the Society with standing closely by those things and help people developing the AI with love which contributes for our happiness.

⊹ Company History ⊹

2014/1/8 Roboken Co., Ltd Established
2014/1/8 System Development Business Start
2014/2/3 General Temporary Workers Business Notify
2015/3/7 AI Related Research Group Operation Seave
2015/7/8 AI R&D Business (Old Organization) Start
2015/11/25 Office Transferred
2016/5/11 Industry-University Cooperation with Yokohama National University(YNN)
2016/7/01 Draw up the Action
Plan of Supporting for Balancing Work and Childrearing(till 2019/6/30)
2016/12/1 Registered for the Industry-University Cooperation Membership with Tokyo Institute of Technology (TiTech)
2017/1/5 AI R&D Business (New Organization) Start
2017/7/3 Developed our original AI technology “epiRobo”
2017/7/13 Enforced Third-Party Allocation of Shares accepted by Arco Partners Inc.
2017/11/30 Enforced Third-Party Allocation of Shares accepted by Earth Environmental Service Co.,Ltd.
2017/12/1 New Office (Development Base) Enforce
2018/3/29 Enforced Third-Party Allocation of Shares accepted by Tokyo Kanagawa Innovation Support Number 1 Investment Business Limited Partnership

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「Head Quaters」
4th Floor,3-10-6 Higashi-Ikebukuro,Toshima-ku,Tokyo 170-0013,Japan
TEL 03-5904-8285 / FAX 03-5904-8286

「R&D Center」
3rd Floor,2-38-23 Higashi-Ikebukuro,Toshima-ku,Tokyo 170-0013,Japan
TEL 03-6915-2310 / FAX 03-6915-2827