【Be an IT Engineer as You Like!】

Roboken is supporting IT Engineer to enhance the career.
We will prepare career up plan according to your wishes.

(1) Be an playing engineer. (Master the PG, SE)
(2) Be an IT Engineer.
(3) Be a Project Manager and lead to Success the Project.
Let’s see our career enhancement plan, we provide.

(1) Be a playing engineer. (Master the PG, SE)

You can contribute to the project by making the PG (programmer) and SE (system engineer) extremely usable.
For PG (programmer), if major languages such as C, C ++, JAVA and PHP are available, the demand for work will be great.
Much more, if you can do your job precise and fast and know everything about something, you can be a talent that can’t be replaced in the field. When negotiating on you wage, you can do it aggressive.
It’s a good selection to be a Programmer (PG) as a craftsman
Although, if you wish to go further, we provide various career enhancement plan.
First, SE (System Engineer).
With having the certain capability as PG (Programmer), we can be leaved as SE (System Engineer). SE (System Engineer) will take customer’s request and make requirement definition etc. and will be needed the capability to make products (System, Software) with high customer satisfaction.

It can be the direct counter with the customer and those who has adequate communication ability and with talented in getting the customer’s needs is suitable be an SE. SE has an high annual income than PG and if you are not bad at communicating with people, please have a try.

Our company conducts internal and external training for beginners. You can learn either Java, PHP, or infrastructure (network / server).

(2) Be an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Engineer.

AI engineer is the most advanced engineer of the era. The world is taking attention to the world.
Our company is vigorous of hunting the AI’s Researchers and Engineers.
Our company is open positively open for IT Engineers such as PG and SE and AI Engineer.
With the approval of the Chief Director of AI R&D Department and you can participate to our AI Project, we will implore you to do a job meeting with your skill.
If the evaluation in the same department is good and you had approval of the Chief Director, you can have online education (Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Python).
With enough AI skill, you can take part of your business practice of the Data Analysis.
And we want you to know if you are aiming to be an AI Engineer from IT Engineer, it needs at least 3 years of business practice on field.
For those who cannot wait, we have the backup structure of movie contents delivery of AI study and books and materials lending free.
Our company do not regret to backup for engineers to make life better. Please be a companion with us and work.

(3) Be a Project Manager and lead to Success the Project.

PM is those who lead to success with creating the plan of the project and execute.
Those who want to make the project with success gathering lots of people, please aim to be a PM.