Roboken Co.,Ltd. report that we had Enforcement accepted on Third-Party Allocation of Shares accepted by Earth Environmental Service Co., Ltd to make forward the business expansion.

Roboken is going to Develop and make Practical the Deep Learning etc generalizing AI Technology and Activating our Original AI Technology, “epiRobo = Episode Memory Edit” the Structure of Human’s Hippocampus. With this we can make able to act like human brain like communicate with free style and characters or make able to conduct education to evaining etc.

This time, with getting the support of Earth Environment Service Co., Ltd. for new investor,
we will push forward the AI Technology’s R&D and Information System’s Development,
and contribute to realize making the Society’s every Business Efficient and Advancement.
* Outline of Earth Environment Service Co., Ltd.

Earth Environment Service Co., Ltd. has Corporate Philosophy to contribute the Society by the highly Specialized Engineering Service such as “General Environmental Sanitation” and conducts the General and Systematic Environment Sanitation (Software, Hardware and System) which has a purpose of saving from the Environmental Origin Pollution and Extraneous Material Mixture from the Medical, Pharmacy, Cosmetics, Toiletry and has the purpose of Preventing Hospital Infection on Medical Institute.

President: Representative Director: Yoshio MATSUMOTO
Location: 17 Kanda Konya-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

* Capital Stock (Including Capital Reserve) after Capital Increase
93,732,500 JPY