R & D achievements

The Episode Memory Edition 「epiRobo」, based on Information Processing Device (Japanese Patent Application Number: 2018-020046 The Brain-like Intelligence Recollection: Find solutions optimized to the real world, based on Graph Database with adaptive processing in the brain. (International Patent Application Number: PCT/JP2018/022438)

AI development record (2017 ~)

(Ongoing) Image Recognition AI Products Outsourcing developments for Earth Environmental Service Co., Ltd. since 2017, to develop advanced recognition technologies for small organisms. Almost 10 proposals have been achieved in cooperative collaborations. (Finished) Conversation-text-based Personality Test Applications Outsourcing developments for Toyota Tsusho Co., Ltd., to estimate personality traits from text-based conversational sentences. (Ongoing) Voice Recognition […]

Corporation Human Affairs and Education System.

We confront to the utilization of our Original Core Technological AI after making AI R&D Specialized Department on January 2017 and arranged our Organization to make more Technologically Deep and Improve our Projects. We established the new “Core Technology Development Group” that Develops and Carries the AI Based Technology and “Product Solution Development Group” that […]

News about Capital Increase of Third-Party Allocation of Sales – 2018

Roboken Co., Ltd. report that we had Enforcement accepted on Third-Party Allocation of Shares accepted by “Tokyo Kanagawa Innovation Support Number 1Investment of Business Limited Partnership”. Roboken is Expanding the Business with Deep Learningetc.AI Technology and with Core Technology by Module which is applications by our New Original AI (Episode Memory Edit 『epiRobo』– Patent Pending […]