Announcement of Participating the ILS (Innovation Leaders Summit) 2017

The ILS (Innovation Leaders Summit) 2017 has been opened at Toranomon Hills from 2017/10/23 to 25. Roboken Co., Ltd. introduced on Booth of AI Technology centered in our Original Technology epiRobo (Episode Memory Edit) which is now Developing and Practical Applicating and conducted Power Matching (Business talk) with 10 Members of Majov Enterprise. And Roboken was Selected as the 100 Most Valuable Venture Capital and is in progress of detail more meetings to the corporations above and the corporations which came to our Booth.

Announcement about Capital Increase of Third-Party Allocation of Sales

Roboken Co., Ltd. report that we had Enforcement on Third-Party Allocation of Shares to Arco Partners Inc. Roboken is making make Practically Possible about our New and Original Technology “epiRobo” that is made possible by the Deep Learning which is coming general and is making possible of “Accumulation Learning” which Deep Learning cannot do on the world of AI which is involved on the 4th induserial revoldution. By this, it can be possible to behave like our Human Brain such as Free Form Personal Conversation. This time, we will work vigorous to manufacture the “True Human Brain” with support by our new investor, Arco Partners Inc. * Arco Partners Outline Venture Capital Investment Corporation supporting the Startup Establisher who aim to Contribute to the Society and Social Start Ups. Representative Director: Nishida NAOHIRO Location: 7F,Burex Toranomon, 2-7-5, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN * Capital Stock (Including Capital Reserve) after Capital Increase 43,710,000JPY